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August 26, 2011
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Home by Cherrie-Keane Home by Cherrie-Keane
"Home is whenever Im with you"

the original version consisted of some NSFW nudity (or at least not safe for DA male nudity) so I posted the original on my tumblr. Like and reblog the original post! :iconrlyplz:

I made this for a few friends on my tumblr who are AWESOME and make me laugh with their blogs and whatnot.
I also made it becuase I wanted to change the way I did virgils hair, since I was looking back on old drawings from 2009 and GOD DAMN his hair annoys me. :iconwthplz:

I suppose you could call this a revamp of this [link]
multiple versions in my scraps:

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Great picture, it looks wonderful. :D
BlossoMage Jul 26, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Both versions are super. Thanks for sharing!
awww so cute!
Rouge-X May 22, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
I just love the tender affection Virgil has for Richie. <3 Their love is so innocent. :)
:3 this is just way too adorable.
I love this~!
LOVE IT! so adorable!!!
LondonBoyd Mar 24, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Absolutely beautiful composition.

The anatomy is wonderful and I utterly love how gentle they both seem. Not just in the way they lay or they way Virgil is touching Richie (though there is that, too) but in the complete and uncomplicated peace and *love* that seems to permeate their postures, their expressions, and the entire painting as a whole. It is simply beautiful and heart warming. It makes me wish I had just a fraction of the love and acceptance in my life that you have managed to portray here.

The colors you chose, not just for Virgil and Richie, but for the background and the way you made the boys themselves the border of the painting and didn't spread the background past them was great. You made a unique choice that could have gone so terribly wrong and yet really, really didn't. I especially liked that the single pillow that they both share consists of the two main/base colors that make up their alter-ego's costumes, while all other colors used in the background are neutral. It's subtle, but its there, making me think that in many ways, if you strip them of all the trappings of life, both martial and civilian alike, they are neither just Richie and Virgil nor Static and Gear. They are both, in all ways and at all times. And just as they are both, no matter which part of their beings they allow to show at any one time, they are and will always be partners, always be together.

I love the balance and symmetry you created with both their poses and the gentle color tone as it helps bring everything together and create a sense of peace and unity without necessitating a direct mirror of either side. I think if there had been too much of anything on either the left or the right, the tranquility and sheer rightness that flows off these two would, perhaps, not have come across quite as strong. Something I have come to love about their partnership is that it *is* a partnership, meaning there is some sense or form of equality between them. Even before Richie gained his powers, everything between them seemed to come to a balance in their lives, despite their some-time fights and short-lived jealousies.

This painting depicts the kind of love everyone wishes they could have and it is beautiful besides. Thank you for sharing it with us.
Cherrie-Keane Mar 26, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow thanks! This is an amazingly thought out comment! :thanks: Honestly, to this day, this is my favorite VR piece I have done to date.

also, gosh your description of their relationship is SO spot on. I cant even add anything else, its flawless.
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